Top 5 Wednesday: Nostalgic Ships

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Today’s topic is “Nostalgic Ships”. I had a hard time finding ships for this one because when I think of “nostalgic” ships, I think of ships from the books I read as a teen and many of the couples I used to ship (and books I used to read) I no longer care about, but I did manage to find a few interesting ones.



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#1. Clary & Simon from The Mortal Instruments

I tend to lean towards the underdog in love triangles, and this was no exception. I’ve always liked Jace fine, but I was really hoping she and Simon would be together.


Image result for bella and jacob

#2. Bella & Jacob from New Moon

I was never a big enough fan to get into the whole “Team Edward/Team Jacob” thing, but I did like her better with Jacob and I think the series would have been more interesting if they’d had more time together.


Splintered Illustrated Review (6/19) by agustinazanelli

#3. Alyssa & Jeb from Splintered (Link to fan art)

People ship her with Morpheus so hard, but I always preferred Jeb over him. His and Alyssa’s relationship always seemed more realistic and had a natural chemistry that hers and Morpheus’ didn’t.



#4. Eleanor & Daniel from Something Strange and Deadly

I remember binge reading the first two books in the trilogy because of how much I loved them together and how angsty they were. I lost the link to the image by the way, so if you know who it belongs to, please comment it below!


Image result for jackie and hyde

#5. Jackie & Hyde from That 70’s Show

Of all of Jackie’s boyfriends from the show, I always loved her with Hyde the most.


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